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5 Easy Peasy Steps to Kiss Dark Spots Goodbye

"Filters are great but healthy glowing skin is better"

Targeting Dark Spots on the Face & Body

Dark spots can be a result of over-exposure to the sun, acne, or even hormonal changes. Regardless of their cause, dark spots can be difficult to get rid of. However, with a bit of effort, it is possible to kiss dark spots goodbye for good. By following this simple regimen, you can help to fade dark spots, and hyperpigmentation  and achieve a smooth even skin tone

STEP 1: Cleanse

First, it is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly. This will help to remove any dirt or oil that may be clogging pores and causing breakouts. Check out Minimo's  Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser- Which gently cleanses dirt and grime and wakes up your skin without stripping or disturbing the skin’s natural protective barrier. Ph Balanced and Formulated with soothing botanicals that hydrate skin and promote a healthy, even skin tone. 

face wash for dark spots

STEP 2: Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, which can make dark spots more visible. Check out Minimo's Glow Skin Brightening Facial Scrub - A powerful, but gentle turmeric-based exfoliator that deeply exfoliates and naturally buffs away surfaces dark spots that remain after acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Adding a turmeric mask for acne flare ups is a great idea to combat both breakouts and discoloration at the same time. Minimo's Glow facial scrub for dark spots also comes with  Scrubbie Exfoliator, an easy-clean applicator that dries quickly to reduce the breeding of germs. Easy to use and helps to evenly distribute cleansers/ scrubs on the face. Minimo Glow Scrub also doubles as a turmeric face mask that can be left on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing off. 

turmeric mask for acne

STEP 3: Tone

Is your skincare routine in need of a refresh? If so, consider adding a toner to the mix! Toners are a great way to give your skin an added boost and can provide a range of benefits, including improved clarity, reduced oiliness, and even better absorption of moisturizers. Plus, they're easy to use and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. So if you're looking for a way to give your skin some extra love, add a toner to your routine today! Check out Balance in Skin Brightening Toner- Improve oil balance, purifies and deeply cleanses pores by sweeping away excess oil, impurities, and any remaining residue after cleansing or exfoliating

Oil Control Toner

Step 4: Use a Brightening Serum

A brightening serum can help to fade dark spots and even out skin tone. Apply the serum to clean skin before applying moisturize. Check out Minimo's Lumen Dark Spot Corrector Serum- A dark spot remover for face concentrated with  blend of vitamins and botanical extracts that help to target dark spots and acne scars. Minimo's dark spot remover also helps Balance skin tone to enhance a vibrant radiant youthful appearance. 

dark spot corrector remover for face

Step 5: Moisturize

A nourishing moisturizer should be applied to keep the skin hydrated and promote cell turnover. Check out Minimo's Radiant Skin Brightening Moisturizer- A hydrating combination of botanicals that promote a healthy, even skin tone. apply as the final step in a healthy skincare regimen as leave-on application that works throughout the day to provide a healthy dose of beaming benefits that help create a more glowing appearance.

skin brightening moisturizer for dark spots

 So, there you have it! Five easy steps to kiss dark spots goodbye. If you are diligent in applying these tips, you should start to see a difference in the appearance of your skin in as little as four weeks. Check out Minimo Glow Bundle a complete care regimen that contains all the aforementioned steps that help to helps to kick those pesky dark spots away.


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