By Praise T.

Double Cleansing: Necessary or Nah?


We all want dream makeup that stays put when we want it to and rinses easily at the end of the day without causing any form of irritation to the skin. 

Although dreams come true everyday, dream makeup often needs a little extra elbow grease to get rid of. 

Have you heard the term "Double Cleansing?" I bet you're thinking: this just means cleanse twice.

You thought wrong love.

There's more to double cleansing & adding it to your daily skincare routine than you may think!

What then is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing, just like the name implies, means thoroughly cleansing the face with TWO DIFFERENT types of cleansers that deep clean the skin while maintaining the skins natural sebum & pH. Soaps can be harsh on the skin if used  too frequently, so utilizing the right types of cleansers is a major key. 

How do I Double Cleanse?

First you want to cleanse with an oil based cleanser that will help remove all dirt and debris from makeup, sunscreen, and daily pollutants. Oil-based cleansers prevent surface dirt from plunging deeper into the skin. Oil-based cleansers are known to effectively help rid the skin of oil-based impurities and leave the skin with a clean feel. 

A cleansing balm like the Minimo Velvet Cleansing Butter Balm. This oil-based cleanser is a gentle, skin nourishing, sulfate-free makeup remover and cleaner that is crafted with carefully selected ingredients that deeply and gently purge pores of clingy cosmetics and dirt. 

Solid or buttery in appearance, the Minimo Velvet melts when warmed up on the skin and activates into a milky cleansing liquid once you add water.



Next, Use a gentle, water-based cleanser like the Minimo Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Cleanser. Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser is pH balanced and formulated with soothing botanicals that hydrate skin and promote a healthy, even skin tone. 


So…Is Double Cleansing Necessary or Nah?

Verdict: Double Cleansing is definitely goes in the necessary category! The end of the day is best when adding double cleansing to your routine. Throughout the day, your skin was exposed to make up, sun rays, dust, dirt, smog and all the other pesky things we encounter unknowingly.  



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