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Hyperpigmentation on the Buttocks: 3 Ways to Spot Fix

"I have a dream (hear me out)...that one day my backside will appear as the perfectly smooth, toned, peach it was destined to be!"

...But unfortunately, those dreams are dashed whenever I take a peak at my bum in the mirror. Instead of seeing smooth even-skin tone, dark patches and hyperpigmentation are keeping me from being great. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this - do you have the same hyperpigmentation on your buttocks? 

What Causes Hyperpigmentation on the Buttocks?

Hyperpigmentation or discoloration actually is a common skin condition that can affect ANY area of the body, including the booty. There are many reasons why people develop hyperpigmentation on their buttocks, but the most common is due to an overproduction or lack of the pigment in melanin. This can be caused by anything like acne breakouts or certain medications such as birth control pills. I'm pretty sure my culprit is hormones - the list goes on.

STEP 1: When in Doubt: Exfoliate

Exfoliating regularly to remove dead skin cells that can cause hyperpigmentation is very efficient when it comes to ridding the cheeks of hyperpigmentation. A Lot of people think of the buttocks as one big hunk of muscle meat, but the skin on your buttocks is actually quite delicate, and can easily become dry, cracked, and irritated. Exfoliation is key to keeping your booty cheeks healthy and smooth.

My go-to, in shower exfoliator is the Perk Whipped Coffee Body Scrub. Made with all-natural ingredients, Minimo Perk Coffee Body Scrub is perfect for exfoliating your booty. It's gentle enough for everyday use, but strong enough to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

minimo perk body scrub

Step 2: Cleanse

Bikini thong, anyone? Summer is the perfect time to show some skin and the buns are NOT off limits! Adding a daily cleanser with body-brightening ingredients is a great way to keep those buns with an even skin tone. Minimo's Beach Vibes Body Wash in all-natural, coconut based cleanser designed to help banish those pesky dark spots on your buttocks, as well as everywhere else on the body. Made with Moroccan Blue Tansy, Watermelon extract, Licorice Extract & Sea Kelp, Beach Vibes Body Wash will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, & bright.

Minimo beach vibes brightening body wash

Step 3: Moisturize

Your skin is one unit, so it's important to moisturize all the areas evenly. You apply lotion to your face, elbows, hands - the same goes for your buttock area! Even if you don't have any dark patches or blemishes, keeping the area hydrated is key to maintaining healthy skin. Why not try a light lotion that will even your skin tone and banish those pesky dark spots? The Minimo Bliss Magic Eraser Dark Spot Body Lotion is made with ingredients proven to gently brighten discoloration with incredible results. With regular use, this powerful blend of Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Root, Bamboo Water, Vitamin B3 helps to safely brighten areas of discoloration and you'll be singing to yourself like Ariana Grande, "Just like Magic..."

Bliss Body Lotion

So, there you have it - three ways to help banish hyperpigmentation on your buttocks. If you're looking for an all-natural solution that's affordable and easy to follow, these methods are definitely worth a try. Have you had success treating hyperpigmentation on your buttocks using any of these methods? Let us know in the comments below!

minimo bliss body lotion


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