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Is My Skin Purging? Here Is How to Tell

Is My Skin Purging? Here Is How to Tell

When you start using a new skin care product, there are chances that you will experience some reactions. While some will be mild and short-lived, others can be severe and last longer. Knowing exactly what your skin is saying at a particular time will help you to respond appropriately.

Skin purging is one of the reactions many experience when they begin a new skincare/facial care regimen. It is quite different from allergic reactions and it is important that you understand the difference.

What Exactly Is Skin Purging?

To put it in simple terms, skin purging is the worsening of your skin condition at the initial stage of using new skin product/facial. It normally result from accelerated rate of exfoliation. Though it may look like a bad sign, skin purging is actually a good thing. You may be tempted to throw away your new skincare product when your skin is purging but you really don’t have to do that. Your skin will take time to adjust to such products causing the purge and once that is done, you can enjoy its full benefits.

How Do You Know It Is Just Skin Purging?

While skin purging will turn out to be a positive thing on the long run, bigger issues like allergic reactions will cause real damage that cannot be easily remedied. It is important, therefore, that you know when it is simply a matter of skin purging.

Purging will make existing pimples in your face to mature quicker. Clogged pores will quickly turn into pimples and active acne, and small pimples will become bigger. This minor problem will normally clear up within two to six weeks. Afterwards, the new skin care product will have the desired effect on your skin. Drinking more water will help to speed up the process and lessen the intensity of the purge.

Difference between Skin Purging and Skin Reaction

A skin reaction or allergy is a more serious problem that result from using a new skin care product and there is nothing positive about it. Unlike skin purging that will improve with continued use of the skincare product, skin reaction will get worse because your skin does not accept some of the ingredients in the new product.

If your skin looks red and irritated beyond normal, it is likely that you have skin allergy and not skin purging. Even if the blemishes caused by the new product are not severe but last longer than six weeks, it is more likely to be allergy and you need to quit the new product.

What Products Cause Skin Purging?

Generally, products that promote clear skin and anti-aging skincare products are more likely to cause skin purging. This is because of some of their active ingredients. Look out for such active ingredients as alpha-hydroxyl acids, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinol and salicylic acid.

These ingredients are mostly found in products that promote skin cell turnover. Some products that cause exfoliation will also cause skin purging. Facial exfoliants like brushes, enzyme exfoliants and scrubs can also cause purging. Others like chemical peels, laser treatments and microdermabrasion can also cause skin purging.

The Bottom Line

Skin purging is not a major problem but you may still want to prevent it. To do this, introduce new facial products slowly. Use products with lower concentration of the active ingredients mentioned above.


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