By Mary Ware

Dripping Black.

Sorry, we’ve been a little busy. 

- Busy using our platform to promote that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

- Busy putting money behind these organizations & victims detailed below. 

- Busy appreciating the abundance of love from customers far & wide who know that Minimo Skin Essentials is a #BlackOwned Business and want to support.

(This list is very short considering the long history of injustice against the Black community, but these are the recent, senseless killings that we, as a business, are financially supporting).

Ahmaud Arbery Go Fund Me:

On February 23, 2020, 25 year-old Ahmaud Arbery was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael, son of retired Brunswick investigator Greg McMichael, under the father’s and son’s pretenses of witnessing a burglary in Satilla Shores of Glynn County. There is no evidence of the alleged burglary. Furthermore, McMichael’s account of the deadly encounter with Arbery was not released until nearly 6 weeks following the shooting. No one has the right to pursue, attack and kill an unarmed, non-threatening individual. Ahmaud’s voice will be heard. 

Breonna Taylor Go Fund Me:

26 year old Breonna Taylor who was fatally shot and killed in her own home by police officers executing a 'no knock' warrant. Breonna Taylor's voice will be heard.

Atatiana Jefferson Go Fund Me: 

Atatiana Koquice Jefferson was a 28 year old woman and pre-medical graduate of Xavier university of lousiana who was shot and killed at her home after a neighbor called a non emergency number stating that Jefferson's front door was open. Atatiana Jefferson's voice will be heard.


The death of George Floyd was the last straw that broke the back of a bleeding camel. YES: a bleeding camel, because every second a black man dies senselessly in the hand of police brutality acknowledges the need for radical change. 

George Floyd Go Fund Me:


NLG Mass Defense Program that (represents arrested protestors): 


We’ve been busy dripping black for the culture, so that that our children can live in a better world, one that appreciates the beauty of diversity, respects human life, & celebrates blackness.


Now is NOT the time for silence. If you're anything like me, you are checking every IG page, company website, or email to see what side your favorite brands have taken in all this. It's disturbing how many are willing to risk everything to be on the wrong side of history...& by WRONG, we mean ANY business or organization that is still peddling the "All Lives Matter" stance. We ask that you not only support us, but  also support other #BOBs, as well as companies and corporation that have chosen to strongly support the Black Lives Matter movement. 



To stand together, we must stand up for one another, and recognize the fear, hurt, and outrage rightly provoked by the senseless killing of George Floyd represents a  deeply rooted history of discrimination and systematic racism. 

We stand with everyone who is actively working to make a positive change - this is a work in motion that doesn't end with the mainstream media headlines. 


The Work Continues.  



Mary Ware





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