By Praise T.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Untick the Clock

Wouldn't it be sooooo great if we can put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come-out wrinkle free, velvety looking skin and 3 sizes smaller?

Yes. I wish, you wish, we ALLL WISH,  because none of us wants to get older, at least not in our skin appearance.



 The very first question most people have when exploring the realm of anti-aging skin care is, what skin rejuvenation products have been proven to be effective? 

Accurate information regarding the multitude of anti-aging treatments flooding the marketplace is the best way to make informed decisions for developing your own skin rejuvenation regimen which incorporates the anti-aging skin care techniques, strategies and treatments that best address your personal aging skin issues.

The basics of effective skin rejuvenation begin with the facts on anti-aging skin care treatments. There are several active natural organic ingredients that have been proven to be effective skin rejuvenators. 


Kalahari melon seed oil is a light, yellow-colored oil that is extracted from Kalahari melons. It is very gentle, fast absorbing it helps smoothens the skin while tightening appearance and slows anti-aging process.



Sacha in-chi oil is a very unique exotic oil that comes from the sacha inchi plant, It is also not famous contains excellent anti-aging property that helps  to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the skin’s elasticity, protects against the damaging effects of sun exposure, regulates skin excess oil production, soothes and prevents inflammation, promotes softness, smoothness, and suppleness, hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and is gentle enough to use on all skin types.



Rose-hip oil is different form rose oil which is gotten from rose petals. Rosehip oil  cold pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant.

Rose-hip oil is highly loaded with essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acid fatty acids  which works great to to keep cell walls strong so that they don’t lose hydration and protects the skin from the formation of age spots while reducing redness and skin irritation. 



Vitamin C is a collagen booster which helps to keep the skin supple, reversing sun damage and smoothening out wrinkles. Helps halt the development of dark spots and discoloration.




Black currant contains Linolenic acid which is a skin identical ingredient that helps makes the skin's barrier stronger so it can effectively hold in moisture and keep out irritants.

Black currant helps slow down sun damage while promoting collagen production, elasticity, and a youthful firmness to the skin.



Vitamin E is an antioxidant, helps to protect against sun damage,  lighten scars and dark spots due to its skin cell regenerative capabilities. Vitamin E is also very helpful in absorbing the harmful UV light from the sun when applied to the skin and slows down skin aging process.  



Hyaluronic Acid infuses the skin with retentive moisture which Improves skin’s firmness as it continually fills the skin with moisture. Also help tightens the overall skin complexion, firm facial contours for a more youthful appearance and  smoothes the texture of the skin.

Finally, products containing the above mentioned ingredients are all good options to explore because they consist of antioxidant to contain the skin damaging free radicals as well as to encourage overall skin repair.


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